Cuddle up with Raspberry Hot Chocolate

I ❤ holiday drinks, all of them. Growing up my parents would buy variety cases of flavored hot chocolates and coffees all through December. When Christmas morning arrived I would normally go for the mint hot chocolate along side a chocolate-dipped spoon and then with breakfast, eggnog. Within the last couple of years I have discovered the Chai Tea Lattes which I have fittingly re-named “Christmas in a Cup”. But….if I had to choose just ONE all time favorite holiday drink it would be Raspberry Hot Chocolate. Raspberries and chocolate go together almost as well as peanut butter and chocolate do….almost. It’s tart, it’s berry…ie, it’s chocolaty and creamy, warm, and comforting.

The key to great hot chocolate is using milk! Yes, MILK, not water. I bought this raspberry syrup drink flavoring at Sam’s Club.

Don’t forget those irrisitible Christmas cookies to go with it….

So here is my toast to you fellow bloggers and readers, enjoy!

An Eccentric Holiday Shopping List

Some people are just difficult to shop for. After hours of reading gift idea posts, blogs, articles, and ads, I think I have found some pretty great ideas. These are unique gifts….even odd. You will not find gloves or an iphone on my list . Some are nerdy and humorous, some are really great gadgets! So, these are a few of my favorite things…….

  1. Twisted Sister Arts Woven Wire Jewelry

I actually already have one of these masterpieces. I got it for my birthday this year, wear it almost every day. Let me tell you what a conversation piece it is and how many people admire it. The detail is breathtaking. Click here for the link to Etsy. You can have it custom made with a cat iris or round iris, you chose the color of the wire and eye itself; or you can purchase a premade one. Prices range from $45 to $250 depending on what you desire.


Baby Envy

I never wanted children. I grew up with a step-father that didn’t much care for kids that acted like kids if you catch my drift. My sister was born when I was almost 9 and I shared a room with her until I was 16. I never got any sleep even when she was older, she insisted on having the closet light on and door wide open every night. The screaming, the tantrums, the mess, and the constant amount of attention they need is  overwhelming.  And here I have been, for over 3 years now, helping family and friends plan their unplanned, but very happy pregnancies. And….I am jealous. Me. The career dreamer girl. Not the family dreamer girl. I grew up being the feminist and detesting ever being remotely like a stay-at-home mother. Why do I want it? Is it natural? That old biological clock? I am 23.

I look at the cribs and hear the mother talk about breastfeeding and just wander off into my own world. Would I breastfeed? What would I name my children? If I ever had any…..

9 Christmas Movies I Watch Every Year

Thanksgiving is now over. It’s time to cuddle up on the couch with some hot chocolate in the glow of the Christmas tree lights and watch your all-time favorite Christmas movies! This is my list in order, favorites first! Feel free to disagree.

1. Christmas Vacation – Now, I love all of the Griswald Vacation movies, but this one is perfect. The families are driving each other crazy and of course Clark is trying to make it an over-the-top, perfect holiday and ends up freaking out by the end of the movie.


We All Have Body Modifications

As most of you may know by looking at my pictures, I’m not what you may call a “normal-looking person”. I say that coming from someone who lives in the bible belt and not in a huge city. I have turquoise or green colored bangs, long black hair, 6 piercings, and 1 tattoo. Sometimes I wear really weird jewelry and clothes. I have been asked if I am evil or if I have “at least been baptised”. When people meet me at times they won’t look me in the eye, will right out stare at me or think that I will be completely rude; then I end up being very, very sweet indeed. Usually I get really great compliments and people flock to me perhaps because of my energy and looks….but other times not so much. I know that I am not alone. It’s hard out there for a goth! lol. Occasionally people do not take us seriously when it comes to jobs or other similar subjects just because of the way we look. “It must be really hard to find a job.” “I have one :).” My dentist’s assistant told me that she loved my bangs and has always wanted to do something like that but is scared to bring it up to her boss. I told her, “It’s just hair. Would it change your work ability or effort?”….silence…”It would be no different if you were dyeing it blonde. It doesn’t matter.” …silence…She said, “It does to some people.” Let me rephrase that, it shouldn’t.

What do you consider body modification?

My definition of body modification is changing any part of your body to make it different from its natural state for any non-medical reason. That INCLUDES: cutting your hair (even trimming it), dyeing your hair any color, shaving, brushing your hair, wearing makeup, plucking hair, painting your nails, changing your clothes, trimming your nails, plastic surgery, and yes tattoos and piercings. Everyone modifies their bodies! If we did not modify our bodies we would all be boring, hairy people with long nails and dreadlocks. Yes, natural dreadlocks. Not that I have anything against them <3. Your bi-annual haircut or your favorite nail polish that you paint on every week is no more a part of you than my vertical labret piercing is a a part of me. Without it….I just wouldn’t be me. We choose how we want to modify our bodies. Just because you can’t imagine having that thing in your nose or your hair fuschia doesn’t mean that it’s wrong for someone else. And it doesn’t mean that they worship the devil or don’t have manners. They are simply body modifications. You should know all about them.

Merry Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas Decorating

For about the last 14 years my whole family would rent a building for Thanksgiving and have a huge potluck with about 40-50 people. The amount of food was nothing short of what you would see at a buffet restaurant, there were 6 different stuffings to argue over which one is best, turkey, ham, veggies, casseroles, deviled eggs, dumplings, breads, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, cheesy potatoes; any potatoes you could dream up! Following of course there was a table solely for pies and cakes. I recall being a child and hearing my grandmother get up at 5 in the morning each Thanksgiving to finish taking the meat off the turkey, make the dressing, potatoes, gravy, and pies. She was the “executive chef” of the day after all, and still is. This Thanksgiving it will only be my immediate family and that’s ok. My grandma told me I can bring something this year….finally. Butternut Squash Risotto will make a delicious side.  Go to for that recipe. What are you all taking to Thanksgiving?

Confession: I hate doing my nails.

If there is one “girl chore” I loathe it’s doing my nails.  I have no problem with shaving, applying makeup, accessorizing, agonizing over the perfect outfit, or doing my hair. At this very moment my fingernails are jagged, halfway grown out, have dirt caked under them from work, and don’t even get me started on my peeling, bleeding cuticles. My manicurist (you know, the one I visit every 2 years) yells at me for picking at them every time!