Confession: I hate doing my nails.

If there is one “girl chore” I loathe it’s doing my nails.  I have no problem with shaving, applying makeup, accessorizing, agonizing over the perfect outfit, or doing my hair. At this very moment my fingernails are jagged, halfway grown out, have dirt caked under them from work, and don’t even get me started on my peeling, bleeding cuticles. My manicurist (you know, the one I visit every 2 years) yells at me for picking at them every time!

Admiring with envy at those ads of perfectly polished, cute toes in little peep-toe pumps I think, “Why can’t I have feet like that?” I always have nail polish on them…but it’s always chipped and grown out to the point where there is an awkward-shaped square in the middle of each nail. I mean to do them, I really do! I put it on my list of things to do then I end up doing something else or I can’t find the nail polish remover. If you paint over what is already there you just know it will look like crap and you will have to re-do it.

Klaus did his very best to be in every picture I took this morning so I figured he deserved some shine time.

So, I go through my “just **** it” phase and only clip them for 6 months and then the “but I look so much cuter with them painted” phase for the next 6 months which consists of doing them twice and then wearing chipped polish the rest of the time. Am I alone?


4 thoughts on “Confession: I hate doing my nails.

  1. My nails are not even in the equation, as I have enough trouble drying my hair and slathering things on my face. Vanity! And can I just say, you have really dainty toes….=D

  2. I love ur blog… u have inspire me!!! & yes thatsounds exactly like my hands and feet. I have big feet and ugly toes but always put off painting my toes so I made a decision to tat my right foot… it helps but getting around to painting them would make them a lot better haha 🙂

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