What is Success? (Poll)


What a Gloooorious Day

I love cloudy days….unlike most people. It’s been really rainy and humid here. I wish it would snow! Today I made Italian Stuffed Chicken and got my new piercing. ūüėÄ For the recipe go to my cooking blog- mycookingodyssey.wordpress.com.

Mini Rant on a Common Faux Pas

Do me a favor please. When you ask someone, say who you work with or know casually, “Hey, how’s it goin’?” or something of that nature-actually listen to their response. Even if you don’t really care or you are just asking out of politeness, in which case maybe you shouldn’t be asking anyhow. Don’t assume what they will say and give an automatic response. Example: “Hey how’s it goin’?” “Kinda tire”, “Oh good.” They walk away, cutting you off and saying that it’s good to hear that you are tired. You now know that they obviously don’t care about you, they were just being polite but in the end made themselves look bad. Or this one, “How are you doing ____?” and before you even reply they have started talking to someone else. This is so rude.

Take A Walk

When you come out of your teenage years how long did it take you to realize that your parents are not actually against you, but for you? It just happened to me within the last two years. I remember rolling my eyes when asked to do the chores I hated and thinking my life was crap when really I didn’t have it bad at all! If you think you have it bad , wait until you move out on your own. At one time I had no heat in the winter and only had rotten potatoes to eat. I didn’t have a perfect childhood but have finally realized that no one has.¬† For a 17 year old my mother did the very best she could and what she couldn’t one of my two fathers or my grandmother would do. This holiday season let us take a walk in our parent’s shoes. Imagine what it’s like to worry about your child or have them hate you for what seems like no reason. Mothers remember what it’s like to be 13 or 17 or even 21! Growing up is rough. Take a walk, understand, reflect, be patient.

Hello again…

It’s been awhile. I decided to come back. There are many things I want to talk about, whether anyone reads or not. I have done a lot of growing up, for the better and worse. For now I will just say I had a great Halloween and hope everyone did as well. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and Fall my favorite season.¬†The pictures are of me for Halloween, I painted my face like a Dia De Los Muertos skull; and¬†a picture¬†I took at a lake near my house. Merry Autumn!

Last Day Vegan

I feel like I have been Vegan for a year…..really it has been a great experiment. I haven’t felt tired or drained at all any more than normal.¬† I have eaten so much more vegetables than i ever have in my life and that was the point. To refocus my meals on the healthy stuff.¬† And i have to say, i love salad. i really do. i have never said that in my life. red meat is ssosoo bad for you! i have come to the conclusion that i am at least slightly lactose intolerant. i have eaten lots of soy ice cream and silk milk and guess what….i didnt get a horrible stomach ache and have to go to the bathroom afterwards. it dawned on me that everytime i would have an ice cream sundea or chocolate milk before i would almost always be very nautious afterwards,,,,what did i just get used to it??? that’s ridiculous. i cant give up ice cream sundeas lol but i think i will always have soy milk now unless its in the bread i buy. also i will hardly ever get cheese. it adds like another 100 calories and its FAT FAT FAT! i do love cheese but its not necessary…thats the key word….i will still eat cheese just not often. i have been a vegan for two weeks, a lacto ovo veggie for 8 months and a eat everything i see eater for…21 years 3 1/2 months. my conclusion is that if you eat smart, know you’re dietary and nutrition needs and everywhere you can get them based on your diet, you can be healthy on all of them. For me personally, i would say the healthiest would be Vegan. But i prefer to eat lots of vegetables and chicken, fish, and eggs. (and blue cheese crumbles on my salad plz). Defenitely the least healthiest lacto ovo veggie bc i am so tempted to live on grilled cheeses, pasta, etc. I cooked a lot of my meals. I gained one more pound so my weight is just fluctuating….technically im 2 lbs lighter since i started. my diet has changed. EVERY time i cook i put brocoli and spinach in whatever i am making. i am really happy i did this and who knows maybe i will do it once a year to just get back on track. that’s what i would say it does, it gets you back on track on the important things to eat and different ways you can get what you need. eat spinach or soy for protein instead of beef. thats a start. i encourage everyone to try being vegan. for a week, two, 6 months, endefenitely, or just a DAY! it can change your ideas on food in general. there are healthier choices. Tonight my school is having a pizza party :/……gawd. im gonna stick out like a sore thumb. couldn’t they have had it tomorrow???….i dont like making a big deal about it…this is my approach, i go in and when they ask/tell me to have pizza i will say im not hungry. But my teacher will say, “SHE’S VEGAN!!” how come at every party a vegan goes to there is always¬†someone who will point you out and tell everybody in the room, it never fails. oh well, my teacher is nice, but she will lol. so i made a lovely curry chickpea dish to take. ..

breakfast: leftover general tso’s tofu…it was so good i wanted it for breakfast

lunch: amys burrito  and half a bagel with pb

dinner: chickpea curry

Sack Lunch

Whatever happened to taking your food for lunch at school or work? huh? I do it at both of mine and i swear, they look at my like im an alien…i had one of those asian noodle bowls that was vegan that just goes in the microwave and they were staring at me at school yesterday. One girl said it looked good at least. I was the ONLY person out of….around 20-30 people in the break room that brought something. they all went some where or waited in the line at the vending machine……wtf. i mean, mine is processed but its not deep fried or a “meat patty” covered with fatty crap and a high refined carbohydrate infused piece of bread. I did see some who went to subway so thats good.¬†when i say some i think 2 of 20-30. Its the same thing at work….i dont understand, it saves money too. i take money to eat out about twice a month at work or school about once or twice a month usually when my groceries are depleting. and i usually buy something in the store…..so lol. i dont eat out out except for on my days off. which is when i need to go grocery shopping so i dont usually have any food at home. okay, yesterday i went to golden corral…..dont judge. i had a huge plate of salad and it was my favorite thing there!!!! i think im making progress. i also had¬† a baked potato with salsa and jalapenos and beans. and i did have chocolate covered strawberries!!!! it was very dark chocolate, so i hope it was ok. they were the best ive EVER had. THE BEST! i dont even like chocolate covered strawberries……omg. i had like 4 i went back 4 times lol. they were huge and dark and i was covered in chocolate…..literally. it was a really delicious meal. but im ready for some chicken and some eggs. and maybe a burger just cuz i miss the flavors but i could live without red meat. well, im gonna go. i think today im gonna make that general tsos tofu lol, i still havent made it.

I did make it and it was so good…it tasted like what you get at a chinese resturant….thick sweet, sour, spicy sauce, tons of vegetables, peanuts, and fried coated tofu with rice.