Mini Rant on a Common Faux Pas

Do me a favor please. When you ask someone, say who you work with or know casually, “Hey, how’s it goin’?” or something of that nature-actually listen to their response. Even if you don’t really care or you are just asking out of politeness, in which case maybe you shouldn’t be asking anyhow. Don’t assume what they will say and give an automatic response. Example: “Hey how’s it goin’?” “Kinda tire”, “Oh good.” They walk away, cutting you off and saying that it’s good to hear that you are tired. You now know that they obviously don’t care about you, they were just being polite but in the end made themselves look bad. Or this one, “How are you doing ____?” and before you even reply they have started talking to someone else. This is so rude.


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