We All Have Body Modifications

As most of you may know by looking at my pictures, I’m not what you may call a “normal-looking person”. I say that coming from someone who lives in the bible belt and not in a huge city. I have turquoise or green colored bangs, long black hair, 6 piercings, and 1 tattoo. Sometimes I wear really weird jewelry and clothes. I have been asked if I am evil or if I have “at least been baptised”. When people meet me at times they won’t look me in the eye, will right out stare at me or think that I will be completely rude; then I end up being very, very sweet indeed. Usually I get really great compliments and people flock to me perhaps because of my energy and looks….but other times not so much. I know that I am not alone. It’s hard out there for a goth! lol. Occasionally people do not take us seriously when it comes to jobs or other similar subjects just because of the way we look. “It must be really hard to find a job.” “I have one :).” My dentist’s assistant told me that she loved my bangs and has always wanted to do something like that but is scared to bring it up to her boss. I told her, “It’s just hair. Would it change your work ability or effort?”….silence…”It would be no different if you were dyeing it blonde. It doesn’t matter.” …silence…She said, “It does to some people.” Let me rephrase that, it shouldn’t.

What do you consider body modification?

My definition of body modification is changing any part of your body to make it different from its natural state for any non-medical reason. That INCLUDES: cutting your hair (even trimming it), dyeing your hair any color, shaving, brushing your hair, wearing makeup, plucking hair, painting your nails, changing your clothes, trimming your nails, plastic surgery, and yes tattoos and piercings. Everyone modifies their bodies! If we did not modify our bodies we would all be boring, hairy people with long nails and dreadlocks. Yes, natural dreadlocks. Not that I have anything against them <3. Your bi-annual haircut or your favorite nail polish that you paint on every week is no more a part of you than my vertical labret piercing is a a part of me. Without it….I just wouldn’t be me. We choose how we want to modify our bodies. Just because you can’t imagine having that thing in your nose or your hair fuschia doesn’t mean that it’s wrong for someone else. And it doesn’t mean that they worship the devil or don’t have manners. They are simply body modifications. You should know all about them.


5 thoughts on “We All Have Body Modifications

  1. I wish there were more people who think like you. I cant have weird colours in my hair where I work but dye it black. I have 7 bats on my foot people think is crazy but its my foot you know what I mean. Some people just don’t understand your appearance is personal. What you look like shouldnt determine a person but sadly people think that way.

    • Thank you. Your tattoo sounds beautiful! I know, there will always be people who have a problem with the way we choose to decorate our bodies. You’re absolutely right, it IS personal. I had to take out one of my piercings recently because it was affecting another part of my body in a bad way and that’s not worth it to me. I cried. I had had it for 4 years and I felt like I was losing a part of myself. Thank you so much for commenting.

  2. Come to San Francisco! Almost everyone has body modifications here! In fact, I’m actually strange for not having a tattoo or piercings. That’s my favorite part about this city. You can be who you are and as long as you’re not harming anyone, you’re celebrated for it! Where are you in the Bible Belt? I’m originally from GA.

    • Wow, San Francisco sounds great. I live in Northwest Arkansas, the home of Walmart. I’m really not into the business/office scene. Or rather, they aren’t “in” to me. Thank you for reading my blog Jacqueline and I like your pic!

      • I can see how that would be hard living in AK. Atlanta’s a pretty open place in certain parts, but others are definitely conservative, and I had my own struggles with feeling different. In fact, until recently whenever someone called me “weird” I took it very personally. I’m “weird” to some because I’m different or unique, but there’s nothing wrong with that or with self expression. In fact, sometimes the ones that critisize outward expression are those that most long for their own emacipation and aren’t quite sure how to let it out.

        As I get older, I’ve found that what’s helped the most is appreciating and loving myself for who I am. It really does make all the difference. Thanks for the complement of the pic! A friend of mine took it. Hope you have a great week!

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