Cuddle up with Raspberry Hot Chocolate

I ❤ holiday drinks, all of them. Growing up my parents would buy variety cases of flavored hot chocolates and coffees all through December. When Christmas morning arrived I would normally go for the mint hot chocolate along side a chocolate-dipped spoon and then with breakfast, eggnog. Within the last couple of years I have discovered the Chai Tea Lattes which I have fittingly re-named “Christmas in a Cup”. But….if I had to choose just ONE all time favorite holiday drink it would be Raspberry Hot Chocolate. Raspberries and chocolate go together almost as well as peanut butter and chocolate do….almost. It’s tart, it’s berry…ie, it’s chocolaty and creamy, warm, and comforting.

The key to great hot chocolate is using milk! Yes, MILK, not water. I bought this raspberry syrup drink flavoring at Sam’s Club.

Don’t forget those irrisitible Christmas cookies to go with it….

So here is my toast to you fellow bloggers and readers, enjoy!


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