An Eccentric Holiday Shopping List

Some people are just difficult to shop for. After hours of reading gift idea posts, blogs, articles, and ads, I think I have found some pretty great ideas. These are unique gifts….even odd. You will not find gloves or an iphone on my list . Some are nerdy and humorous, some are really great gadgets! So, these are a few of my favorite things…….

  1. Twisted Sister Arts Woven Wire Jewelry

I actually already have one of these masterpieces. I got it for my birthday this year, wear it almost every day. Let me tell you what a conversation piece it is and how many people admire it. The detail is breathtaking. Click here for the link to Etsy. You can have it custom made with a cat iris or round iris, you chose the color of the wire and eye itself; or you can purchase a premade one. Prices range from $45 to $250 depending on what you desire.

2. An Egg and Muffin Toaster…….

Durp…why did I not know this existed? Breakfast sandwiches just got faster, there is no need to go to McD’s if it’s this easy. This one is the Back to Basics TEM4500 4-Slot Egg-and-Muffin Toaster from for $55.

3. Cyborg Gaming Mouse

I know this is a little pricey ($150), but to your adorkable nerd this is like the Red Ryder BB Gun. This is the R.A.T. 9 Cyborg Gaming mouse for PC which I found at You can adjust it to YOUR HAND size for maximum comfort. This wireless work of art has 5 progammable buttons, customizable weight system with a precision aim mode. Wouldn’t anyone want this?

4. Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

For those little girls that end up trying to keep real butterflies or those dreary cubicle jobs this will brighten things up for them a bit. sells it for only $19.99! This robot butterfly responds to taps on the jar and sound, the batteries are included, and comes in 4 different colors. Merry daydreaming.

5. Zombie Garden Gnomes……

 LOL. Ok…I know this is weird. But isn’t that one of the funniest things you’ve ever seen? If there is anyone in your life like me (goth/zombie-liking, dark humor kind of person) you might consider buying this. And there are several of them. This one of them eating the yard flamingo is $55 in the ChrisandJanesPlace shop on Etsy.

6. Nostalgic Toys like Tinker Toys

I was at a very large toy store recently just looking around. The “girl toys” were all pink and sparkly, the “boys'” were green or blue, everything was plastic. I felt….old and out of place. I didn’t have any of these toys or anything like them growing up. As I was about to leave I walked passed the Harry Potter Lego section and saw a CAN of Old Fashioned Tinker Toys. I squealed with excitement. “JASON! Did you have Tinker Toys when you were little?!” “Yes.” He smiles. There were also Lincoln Logs! AAhhh the memories. So if you have a munchkin to buy for you can always stick with the classics, they still sell them! This is the TinkerToy Classic Jumbo Set from Amazon for $26.74.

7. Pet Goodies

Everyone knows a pet lover! They would love getting goodies or even accessories and toys for their furry “children”. Even if they are bird lovers, reptile lovers, have fish, ferrets, or cats it’s a great idea. Before you buy treats or food make sure you know if the animal has a special needs diet or if they are allergic to anything that could be in it. There are always toys, collars, beds, and a plethora of other fun things you can buy if they are really in to their pet. Don’t forget you can prepay for some dog training sessions and buy dog DNA testing for those mixed breeds if they really wanna know what breed Rover is. The picture is of Healthy Hound Bakery’s Christmas Dog Treat Basket for $29.95.

8. Perfect Portions Digital Scale+Nutrition Facts Display

The post holiday guilt-filled fitness craze is about to begin. We all know people that plan on starting a new diet or eating program very soon. This is one of the coolest gadgets I have seen lately. This scale has almost 2,000 foods in it’s database, it has a digital nutrition facts display with touch pad. You can track totals of whatever you wish: calories, carbs, sugars, sodium, protein for the day or even the week! Did I mention it comes in 5 colors? Amazon has it for $50 bucks! This is going on my Christmas list. (Keep in mind that if you get this for someone who has not verbalized to you there future diet desires, it might not be a good idea).

9. Custom Scented Products

Did you know that you can create your own custom scented perfume, shampoos, and lotions? If you know one or two of someone’s favorite smells why not create something really thoughtful for them that they will use? The picture is of Spread the Cheer Body Butter from Garden Botanika . You can pick up to 3 different scents for it with 6 parts, so if you want more of a certain scent you would allot more parts to that scent. They even have Fresh Cut Grass and Chocolate! It’s $10 for a 4 0z. body butter. If you aren’t the internet type you might try They offer similar services but have several shop locations around the US. If you don’t want to choose a scent you can also buy gift cards!

10. Thoughtful Holiday Treats

Know any hardcore bacon lovers? Of course you do. This is the Sugar Sueyt Dreams Bundle holiday gift basket it’s $24.95 from . Those are bacon flavored candy canes! You need to visit the site, it’s pretty awesome. They have bacon clothes, bacon wallets, bacon chocolates, bacon soap! Bacon and chocolate go together…trust me.


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