Last Day Vegan

I feel like I have been Vegan for a year…..really it has been a great experiment. I haven’t felt tired or drained at all any more than normal.  I have eaten so much more vegetables than i ever have in my life and that was the point. To refocus my meals on the healthy stuff.  And i have to say, i love salad. i really do. i have never said that in my life. red meat is ssosoo bad for you! i have come to the conclusion that i am at least slightly lactose intolerant. i have eaten lots of soy ice cream and silk milk and guess what….i didnt get a horrible stomach ache and have to go to the bathroom afterwards. it dawned on me that everytime i would have an ice cream sundea or chocolate milk before i would almost always be very nautious afterwards,,,,what did i just get used to it??? that’s ridiculous. i cant give up ice cream sundeas lol but i think i will always have soy milk now unless its in the bread i buy. also i will hardly ever get cheese. it adds like another 100 calories and its FAT FAT FAT! i do love cheese but its not necessary…thats the key word….i will still eat cheese just not often. i have been a vegan for two weeks, a lacto ovo veggie for 8 months and a eat everything i see eater for…21 years 3 1/2 months. my conclusion is that if you eat smart, know you’re dietary and nutrition needs and everywhere you can get them based on your diet, you can be healthy on all of them. For me personally, i would say the healthiest would be Vegan. But i prefer to eat lots of vegetables and chicken, fish, and eggs. (and blue cheese crumbles on my salad plz). Defenitely the least healthiest lacto ovo veggie bc i am so tempted to live on grilled cheeses, pasta, etc. I cooked a lot of my meals. I gained one more pound so my weight is just fluctuating….technically im 2 lbs lighter since i started. my diet has changed. EVERY time i cook i put brocoli and spinach in whatever i am making. i am really happy i did this and who knows maybe i will do it once a year to just get back on track. that’s what i would say it does, it gets you back on track on the important things to eat and different ways you can get what you need. eat spinach or soy for protein instead of beef. thats a start. i encourage everyone to try being vegan. for a week, two, 6 months, endefenitely, or just a DAY! it can change your ideas on food in general. there are healthier choices. Tonight my school is having a pizza party :/……gawd. im gonna stick out like a sore thumb. couldn’t they have had it tomorrow???….i dont like making a big deal about it…this is my approach, i go in and when they ask/tell me to have pizza i will say im not hungry. But my teacher will say, “SHE’S VEGAN!!” how come at every party a vegan goes to there is always someone who will point you out and tell everybody in the room, it never fails. oh well, my teacher is nice, but she will lol. so i made a lovely curry chickpea dish to take. ..

breakfast: leftover general tso’s tofu…it was so good i wanted it for breakfast

lunch: amys burrito  and half a bagel with pb

dinner: chickpea curry


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