Sack Lunch

Whatever happened to taking your food for lunch at school or work? huh? I do it at both of mine and i swear, they look at my like im an alien…i had one of those asian noodle bowls that was vegan that just goes in the microwave and they were staring at me at school yesterday. One girl said it looked good at least. I was the ONLY person out of….around 20-30 people in the break room that brought something. they all went some where or waited in the line at the vending machine……wtf. i mean, mine is processed but its not deep fried or a “meat patty” covered with fatty crap and a high refined carbohydrate infused piece of bread. I did see some who went to subway so thats good. when i say some i think 2 of 20-30. Its the same thing at work….i dont understand, it saves money too. i take money to eat out about twice a month at work or school about once or twice a month usually when my groceries are depleting. and i usually buy something in the store… lol. i dont eat out out except for on my days off. which is when i need to go grocery shopping so i dont usually have any food at home. okay, yesterday i went to golden corral…..dont judge. i had a huge plate of salad and it was my favorite thing there!!!! i think im making progress. i also had  a baked potato with salsa and jalapenos and beans. and i did have chocolate covered strawberries!!!! it was very dark chocolate, so i hope it was ok. they were the best ive EVER had. THE BEST! i dont even like chocolate covered strawberries……omg. i had like 4 i went back 4 times lol. they were huge and dark and i was covered in chocolate…..literally. it was a really delicious meal. but im ready for some chicken and some eggs. and maybe a burger just cuz i miss the flavors but i could live without red meat. well, im gonna go. i think today im gonna make that general tsos tofu lol, i still havent made it.

I did make it and it was so good…it tasted like what you get at a chinese resturant….thick sweet, sour, spicy sauce, tons of vegetables, peanuts, and fried coated tofu with rice.


2 thoughts on “Sack Lunch

  1. Bringing your own lunch is a great way to save money. When I was still studying I used to think it was lame, but now I know better. And to think of all the money I could have saved…. (doh!)

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