Vegan Day 10

I feel better today despite some things. Jason took me to Taste of Thai “ah THANKYOU JEZUS”….lol although i am getting tired of asian food. i want that good ole southan food. i actually had to buy a few more things….thats nuu goo. He gave me 20 bucks i bought: Light Silk Chocolate “Milk”, Natural honey pb cuz i was out (tho my pb lasted like a year….am i posed to keep it that long????), BLUEBERRY JAM omg, whole wheat bagels, 2 dairy free Amy’s burritos (if you haven’t tried thos, you gotta), and my veggie soup from work for lunch. ooo i had spring rolls and tofu pad thai for dinner it was great. I also went to the gym so hopefully i worked off the fried spring rolls


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