One week out….

In this first week of being Vegan I have learned that it is healthier than being a lacto ovo vegetarian, but i am still not certain on if it’s healthier than just… “eating healthy”…..i have lost 3 lbs and i have not been exercising properly. My diet is sssooo much lower in saturated fats and cholesterol! i dont feel tired all the time like i did when i was lacto ovo veg……i ate a lot of refined carbs and cheese then tho. ive forgotten what ive eaten these last couple days, i started school yesterday and have been uber busy. I bought these “maple sausage patties” for breakfast and have that with a slice of bread now.¬† and alternate mornings toast and pb. pizza with tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, banana peppers, green peppers, and tons of sauce. just think how much fat and calories would have been with cheese and sausage on it!!!! i think tonight im gonna make general tso’s tofu from…..if i have the energy. also…back to nature i believe has some AMAZING vegan chocolate chip cookies that r a clone of chips a freakin hoy….thank you sarah for allowing me to try your cookies


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