My lil baby aloe vera plant!

is dieing i believe. it says they need watered like twice a month and tons of warm sunlight. well i got the plant from walmart, it was literally stuffed in a shelf inside the freezing store (they keep it like freaking 65) with its soil soaking wet. so i put it in a bigger pot with dry soil, no more water, outside where it has been in the 80’s and its dieing…maybe it went into shock???? i brought it inside and put it next to a sunny window, watered it a teensy bit, and shut off the vent and bedroom door, its prolly 77 ish in there. its looking a little better. but it makes me sadness. i hope it doesnt die.

i have been eating too much processed food, ugh i know….

Breakfast:frozen “hot wings” that were ridiculously spicy and i love spicy food. seriously, im not even going to finish them. i felt like i had swallowed fire

Snack: Back to Nature Poppy Thyme crackers

Lunch: a black bean, black olive, guacamole, pico de gallo, onion, pepper, jalapeno burrito…it was soo goo

Snack: nutter butters haha

Dinner:….chocolate soy ice cream with walnut candy clusters and pb……


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