Day 05 Vegan

I am covered in white freckles, i have been painting a house all day long. Freakin Memorial Day….everything is closed, i dont really see the point of today. i have had close relatives die but i remember them by missing them many days of the year, you dont have to fuckin close EVERYTHING. i wanted to go to the gym, it was closed. this house i am painting is thirty minutes one way from my house, has no toilet or fridge or microwave so i couldnt bring anything.  It has 10 restaurants within walking distance of it so we decided to go to flying burrito i figured i would have choices, it was closed. Had to settle of Pantera Bread Company…..they have a delicious Garden Veggie Soup. I am in a good mood despite how i sound lol. i just got word last night that i will be able to start school to become a personal trainer soon. 🙂

Breakfast: my muffins already have mold….toast with vegan butter and pb teensy glass of apple juice and teensy glass of soy milk

Lunch: Garden Veggie Soup and some kind of veggie samich but they put feta on it even tho i specifically told them no fucking cheese….oh well, they were nice about fixing it

Snack: lol 2 “chicken patties” with hot sauce on them….i shared one with my dog too

Dinner: a delicious salad from i forgot the name, it was a long-ass name..but i changed it anyways…its supposed to have beets…ive never had/seen beets and they dont sound good. i didnt like the dressing, it was an orange juice/soy/vinegar dressing which i thought i would love but sometimes it had no flavor and sometimes i just got the sour soy/vinegar, i will try making it more sweet next time. the candied almond clumps were delicious!!! and i added “chicken”. It also had these marinated sweet potato chips that you bake and then broil. well they were very tasty but they never got hard and crispy, they all but burned and were very mushy. still good tho.


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