Day 04 Vegan

Well, i didnt write yesterday, obviously. I had that work thing for 9 hours, then a bbq/bday party that i was an hour and a half late for, then i went to spend my new bday gift card at williams sonoma, then out to dinner at a place i shouldnt have gone to dinner(i didnt eat at the bbq), and by then it was passed my bedtime. It’s my Friday though now! I haven’t been eating well, but im not giving up. things i am missing are Braum’s 1/3 lb bacon cheeseburger and smokin joe’s small rib dinner…ahem…anywayz..i am enjoying all of the veggies i am eating except for the salad :(….i had two leftovers of the chana masala that i took to work and everyone kept asking about it and that it looked and smelled good. I have eaten a lot lately…but i have been very active. Yesterday, i ate basically two more muffins and leftover chana masala and for dinner i wanted to prove to my bf that i can eat anywhere…lol…and told him to choose where we ate for dinner. ….he chose Lynne’s Garden, i chinese buffet…i live in Akansas. 3 people out of 4 i told about this diet of mine did not know what a vegan is. I couldnt hardly eat anything at the restaurant. really, it was bad.  I got lots of vegetables….some fried i admit…but there was nothing else. oh fruit. So, i have learned that basically if you don’t live in a large city and you’re vegan you cannot eat out. or make sure they have salads, and you can eat salad without having gag reflux problems. In that sense i feel like vegans eat healthier than anyone else. they dont hardly eat out EVER, and prepackaged food is EXTREMELY limited. Am i missing my morals….should i feel guilty to want a bacon cheeseburger? when you get it from a freakin drive thru and it smells and tastes so good, you dont think about blood-soaked slaughter houses and chemicals that they pump into all that processed junk. it literally is junk…how come when i overeat on junk food that i feel different than when i overate on vegan food? I feel literally ILL, like i was going to puke when i eat snack cakes and taco bell, mcdonald’s, and especially ice cream, that makes me feel very sick. its defenitely something to think about……ok, todays menu i will actually write i suppose

Breakfast: my bf made me a fruit smoothie but the texture made me close to vomit so i had another damned muffin

Snack: soy yogurt….ick…does soy yogurt have those good bacterias that regular yogurt has,,,,cuz thats the only reason i eat it, i need that stuff…

Lunch: leftover chana masala

Snack: vegan chocolate, vegan snack thingy

Dinner: Vegan burrito with taco sauce and soy mint ice cream

Another snack lol: chips

i told ya, i was a fatty today. But i painted a house and worked hard today


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