Day 02 Vegan Diet

Had a very hard laborous, stressful day…..oh wells

Breakfast: flax homemade blueberry muffin and small glass of OJ

Snack: nother muffin

Lunch: i had made a salad, with mixed greens, chopped avacado, chopped red bell pepper, raspberrry vinegeratte dressing, chopped tomato, and one of these “chicken cutlets”….i ate the avacado and chicken cutlet then went and bought a vegan amy’s burrito with taco sauce on it…..i still have trouble eating salad. and 4 pieces of vegan chocolate

Snack: 2 more muffins with vegan butter

Dinner: my mom came over for my birthday and i made Chana Masala a recipe from and added a ton of vegetables to it. It was really good but i think i prefer more of thai curries, i will put coconut milk in it next time. My dear mother, i love her so, but she made me “vegan” chocolate cake and as i was cutting it i saw chocolate chips and said, “Oh, there are chocolate chips in there…” and she said, “Ya, i wanted to make it a LITTLE better.” lol. my mom made me a vegan birthday cake ofcourse i would eat it. so technically i cheated today, but only out ofthe love of my mother. so we had cake and soy ice cream.

i wish i did better today. i ate a lot. but i dont feel sick like when i eat a lot of junk food.


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