Once you go veg…..

As you can see my produce is overflowing

A little of my history….I did try the lacto ovo vegetarian diet for 8 months when i was 19….i hated salad and all we did was eat out….so basically if all you eat is grilled cheese and french fries you are gonna gain 20 lbs. My dr. told me i had become pre-diabetic and needed to nix the “starchatarian” diet.  Which was smart i suppose……but i didnt do it right. it was my fault. Recently one of my friends suggested we go on a 2 week vegan cleanse/detox/experiment.  And i feel like its my second chance to prove i could actually do this and be healthy. i do eat salads now, and veggies. today is my first day!! and it has been delicious. i will write every day everything i ate and how i felt,,,i can only do this in the afternoon i get up at 5:30 AM…..I have shopped at 3 stores for my two weeks worth of groceries. but i bet i will have more left over. it added up to be $195.71….lol. a bit much i agree. but thats for over two weeks of groceries im sure, now hey, i could live on pbandj samiches and rice and beans but that wouldnt be as healthy. if there are any vegetarians or vegans could you please check out my menu and tell me how i am eating and give some advice on menus and saving money, i would greatly appriciate that. Inclosed is what i have eaten today and a picture of a few of the things i bought.

Day 01 of being Vegan

Breakfast: homemade flax blueberry muffin with small glass of vitamin C enriched OJ (i felt very tired but it could have been bc i usually have some form of caffien at this time)

Snack: 1 slice of sprouted sourdough whole grain bread w/ 2 T reduced fat pb (i was ravenous by snacktime)

Lunch: half can of artichoke hearts, chopped red bell pepper, 2 T humus, basil, and spinach on 2 slices my bread and 3 little pieces of vegan dark chocolate, bottle of water

Snack:  i am munching on..Back To Nature Poppy Thyme Crackers and they are delicious oh and i had another muffin teehee

Dinner: Amy’s Tamale Pie cuz i am tired and prolly a few spoonfulls of soy ice cream, im not gonna lie


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